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wxPython Main Classes

Last Update : 11 Nov, 2022 Python, Programming, GUI

This tutorial will teach you about the main classes in wxPython.

wxWidgets are originally written in C++ programming language. Also, It contains a huge class library.

GUI classes of wxWidgets are ported to Python with the wxPython module. Also, it was created to mirror the original wxWidgets library as close as possible.

As an example, wx.Frame class in wxPython acts most the same way as wxFrame class in its C++ program version.

The base class of these most of classes is wxObject. wxPython wx.App represents the application itself. After generating the GUI, the application enters an event loop by MainLoop() method.

The following shows the main classes available in wxPython.

  • wx.Frame Class
  • wx.Panel Class
  • wx.StaticText Class
  • TextCtrl Class
  • RadioButton & RadioBox Classes
  • wx.CheckBox
  • ComboBox & Choice Classes
  • Wx.Gauge Class
  • wx.Slider Class
  • wx.MenuBar Class
  • wx.Toolbar Class
  • wx.Dialog Class
  • wx.Notebook Class
  • wx.SplitterWindow Class
  • HTMLWindow Class
  • ListBox & ListCtrl Classes

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