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What is UX/UI design? - Importance of UX/UI design

Last Update : 01 Oct, 2022 UX Design, UI Design

In this tutorial, you can get a better understanding of UX design and UI design and the importance of UX/UI design.

Most of the time, UI and UX are thought of as one, but these two are actually two concepts. UX Design means "User Experience Design" and UI Design means "User Interface Design". Before considering the main differences between UX and UI, let's talk about what each term means separately.


UX Design (User Experience Design)

UX Design is not a concept that is used only when creating a Website and a Mobile App. Any product or service that we use on a daily basis is based on the concept of user experience.

For example, user experience can be applied to anything that can be experienced, such as a machine, a website, or inside a supermarket. This interaction between the user and a product or service is called "User Experience".

A UX designer should always be concerned with how the user experiences the product or service and how easy it is for the user to accomplish their desired tasks.

The ultimate goal of a UX designer is to provide the user with an easy, efficient, and pleasant experience.

As an example, how easy is it for the customer who goes to an online store to find the things they want and finds their details and purchase process? Also, a UX designer should always think about whether the customer can fulfill their needs with the least number of steps.

Also, if you are designing UX for a mobile app, it is important to design UX in such a way that it is easy to use one finger instead of two fingers while using the application.


UI Design (User Interface Design)

UI design can be considered as improving and interesting the user experience provided by UX designers. A UI designer improves the sketch of an app or a website given by the UX designer in a way that is pleasing to the eye of the user.

Also, The color combination is very important in UI design, maybe you get a rough sketch made on a UX designer paper for this.

In addition, it is important for a UI designer to have an understanding of the users who use apps or websites. As an example, if your target audience is middle-aged, things like fonts used should be used in a way that is easy to see.

Also, when using mobile apps, the lighting conditions around can cause problems. That means if you use the same app that is used during the day at night, the chances of eye fatigue increase. Many apps use "Night Mode" because of this problem.

Therefore, the UI designer has to think about these things and do the UI design before sending the design for the development process.

These are the things that are affected to born a successful design with a good user experience and user interface.

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