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Introduction to PyQt5

Last Update : 12 Oct, 2022 Python, Programming, GUI

In this tutorial, you will learn about the basic Introduction to PyQt5 and its available modules.

PyQT5 is one of the best options for developing GUI applications using Python Programming language. It is a cross-platform application development framework. PyQT5 is used to develop software applications for various platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and Raspberry PI.


What is PyQt?

PyQt is a set of Python binding for the Qt Framework from C++ that can be used to create Desktop GUI. It gives you all of the complex functionalities of C++ Qt while allowing swift development in Python.

Following are the included modules in PyQT.

Qtcore -: This module contains the core non-GUI codes.

QtGui -: This module contains everything about window management such as event handling and graphics.

QtWidgets -: This module contains the primary UI widgets like buttons, labels, text input, and other things that are included in a desktop window.

QtMultimedia -: This is an essential module that provides a rich set of QML types and C++ classes to handle multimedia content.

QtBluetooth -: This module scans Bluetooth devices and connects.

QtNetwork -: This module provides a set of APIs for programming applications that use TCP/IP.

QtPositioning -: This module gives the ability to determine a position by using a variety of possible sources, including satellite, or wifi, text file, and so on.

QtWebSockets -: This module is a web-based protocol designed to enable two-way communication between a client application and a remote host.

QtWebKit -: This module provides a web browser engine as well as classes to render and interact with web content.

QtWebKitWidgets -: This module contains classes that implement a WebKit1-based web browser for use in QtWidgets-based applications.

QtXml -: This module contains classes that implement SAX and DOM interfaces to Qt's XML parser.

QtSvg -: This module provides classes for displaying and creating SVG files.

QtSql -: This module work with databases.

QtTest -: This module is for unit testing.


How to Install PyQT5?

PyQt does not come as an in-built module. Therefore, you have to separately install it. Follow this PyQT5 install tutorial to install it based on your PC.

After installing PyQt5, you can develop all kinds of desktop GUI software. Go to the next tutorial to learn how to do that.

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